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Article 1- Definitions:


- By tenant is defined the person who has paid a deposit for the reservation of one or more rooms.

- Per tenant also the persons occupying a room, beneficiaries of the stay received as a gift from a third party who will have paid for the rental on their behalf.

The tenants will ensure the supervision of their accompanying minors and undertake to make them respect all basic safety rules during their stay in any place of the property.


- By lessor, Mr. and Mrs. FORGEAU, owners of the rooms.


Article 2- Duration of stay: The tenant signatory or beneficiary of this contract concluded for a fixed period may not under any circumstances claim any right to remain in the premises at the end of the agreed stay.


Article 3- Conclusion of the contract: The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent the lessor a deposit of 25% of the total amount of the price of the stay per room selected and a copy of the contract signed before the date indicated on the front. Prices are inclusive of all charges, excluding tourist tax.


Article 4- Cancellation by the lessee: Any cancellation must be notified to the lessor by letter, fax or telegram.

- In case of cancellation 24 hours before the start of the stay, the deposit remains with the lessor,

- If the cancellation occurs less than 24 hours before the start of the stay, the deposit remains with the lessor who may claim the balance of the price of the accommodation

.- If the tenant does not appear before 7 p.m. on the scheduled day of arrival, this contract becomes null and void and the lessor may dispose of the rented rooms, the deposit will remain with the lessor who may claim the balance of the price of the rental. 'accommodation.

- In the event of a shortened stay, the price corresponding to the cost of the accommodation remains fully acquired by the lessor, any additional services not consumed will be reimbursed by the lessor


Article 5- Cancellation by the renter: When before the start of the stay, the renter cancels this stay, he must inform the tenant by registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt or by telegram. The tenant, without prejudging recourse for compensation for any damage suffered, will be reimbursed immediately for the sums paid. He will also receive compensation from the lessor at least equal to the penalty he would have incurred if the cancellation had occurred by him on that date.


Article 6- Arrival: The tenant must present himself on the specified day and at the time mentioned in this contract. In case of late or deferred arrival, the tenant must notify the lessor.


Article 7- Payment of the balance: The balance of the rental price is to be paid on arrival at the rental company. consumption and additional services not mentioned in this contract will be payable at the end of the stay.


Article 8- Tourist tax: The tourist tax is a local tax that the tenant must pay to the lessor who then transfers it to the public treasury.


Article 9- Use of the premises and courtesy: The tenant must respect the peaceful character of the premises and make use of it in accordance with their destination. He will take care to preserve the privacy of the other tenants and will act towards them with courtesy. The tenant undertakes to return the rooms in perfect condition, and will bear the possible costs of any damage to the rented premises and to the property.


Article 10- Capacity: This contract is established for a defined number of people. If a higher number is present on arrival, the owner is able to refuse these additional people. This refusal can in no case be considered as a modification or a breach of the contract on the initiative of the lessor, so that in the event of the departure of a greater number of customers than those refused, no refund will be due by the renter.


Article 11- Animals: This contract specifies whether or not the tenant can stay with a pet. In the event of non-compliance with this clause by the lessee, the lessor is entitled to refuse these animals. This refusal can in no way be considered as a modification or breach of the contract by the lessor, so that in the event of the tenant's departure, no refund would be due to him.


Article 12- Inventory of fixtures: An inventory of the rented fixtures will be established at the entry and at the exit of the rental. The tenant agrees to reimburse any costs of degradation, breakage or repairs.


Article 13- Disputes: In the event of a dispute for any reason whatsoever, the lessee and the lessor undertake to seek an amicable solution.


Article 14- Attribution of jurisdiction: In the event of a persistent dispute resulting in legal action on the initiative of one or other of the parties, the lessee and the lessor declare that the only competent jurisdiction will be that of Côtes d' Armor.


Article 15- Acceptance of rental conditions: By paying a deposit upon booking, the tenant acknowledges accepting these general rental conditions.


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